Breath of Fresh Air: Slothzilla and a Spice Garden

Plugging away at the office day after day can feel productive. You're getting things done, keeping your inbox under 20 and basking in client kudos. But we've all hit that wall - creatively, mentally or physically.

In January, we made a resolution at 20K Group: We're fighting back against walls, ruts and brain freezes. Every month, we're going on an adventure to explore Houston and find inspiration in all of our city's nooks and crannies. And we opened the Lightbulb Lounge to encourage 20Kers to get away from their desk and nestle into a comfy couch to ignite the creative spark.

Our first Fresh Air Field Trip took us just down Montrose Boulevard to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and just like any real vacation, we scrapbooked the whole thing for your enjoyment.

We went to learn about energy...

Weiss Energy Hall

And so, we did...

Getting our learn on


But we also learned how to keep it trill(obite)...

Keepin' it trill

Field Trip   ...and ended up in the HMNS newsletter as the "Tweet of the Week."   ... We pondered life's deepest questions...


... Including what to name this little fella! We're leaning towards Fluffy. What would you name him?

Isn't he pretty?

Our newest hire displayed her affinity for the long-extinct Slothzilla...


And, at the end of the day, we remembered that it's always important to stop and smell the roses.

Patrick in the Garden

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 2.51.30 PM

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