Fresh Ideas, Fresh Look

This summer has been all about shaking up our creativity, soaking in the fresh air and revitalizing our brand, which had become a little stale (at least in our minds). What we found is that a few simple changes can make all the difference in the world.

We moved into our new digs in Tribeca Lofts and immediately could tell that the open layout was fostering collaboration and inspiring us to come up with new ideas. There is beautiful natural light shining in, great local art on the walls and an integration with one another that didn't exist when we were in separate offices on different floors.

We also took a look at our marketing collateral and realized that--outside of our website--20K had been using the same materials for nearly a decade. We're evangelists for brand consistency, but brand personalities evolve and styles modernize. So, we connected with our friends at the Black Sheep Agency to redesign our business cards in a way that visually expresses our tagline ("Get some fresh air"), demonstrates that we're engaged in the interactive world and communicates that we're an agency that brings clients innovative ideas and smart business strategies. Brand identity is probably the most difficult service we offer, because the look and feel of an organization isn't always as obvious as it seems like it should be. And believe me, revamping your own brand is even more difficult than doing it for a client. Next time you spy us out and about, be sure to ask for one of these new babies. We like to show 'em off.

Finally--and most importantly, we welcomed Tara Clayton to the team. She's brought energy to our projects and hasn't hesitated to dive in when we've thrown more at her than should reasonably be expected. You can read a bit about her on our site, but I can promise that it doesn't do her sunshiny personality, quick-as-a-whip savvy justice. Talk to her on Twitter, stop by the office to say hello or invite us to happy hour...we'll buy the first round.


Shout-out to Chris at Primer Grey for coding some magic into this blog...we can now post images without them appearing super funky. Thanks!

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