Lessons from a PR Young Professional

While I was in college (not too long ago), all I thought about was graduation and the abyss of uncertainty that came afterward. I tortured myself with the endless possibilities that awaited me:

Will I get a job?

If so, where?

Will I like it there?

Will they like me?

... Oh man, I hope they like me. 

  As it turned out, I got exceedingly lucky and was hired by some wonderful people to work for an equally wonderful company. I thought my days of confusion were over. Then I actually started working.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I’ve been in the workforce for about two months now, and while it’s nice to have my college diploma hanging in my bedroom, I now realize that some things can only be learned outside of a classroom. In an effort to encourage others to learn from my mistakes (and I’m sure there will be more), I’ve compiled the following tips for my fellow recent or soon-to-be graduates.

1)  Ask questions. It sounds very cliché, but it’s much better to ask a “stupid” question than to waste your time, and everyone else’s, doing a task incorrectly.

2)  Expect criticism… In all likelihood, even if you ask all the questions in the world, you will still make mistakes.

3)  … And accept it gracefully. Your coworkers want to help you. Listen to what they have to say, and strive to improve.

4)  Learn from your coworkers. They are invaluable sources of knowledge. Take advantage of their expertise!

5)  Put yourself out there. Attend events, and make new connections. Give out those brand-new business cards! 

6)  Try new things. Don’t be afraid if you’re asked to do something you’ve never done before. It’s a learning experience, and you may even discover a new talent.

7)  Pay attention. Check and double-check all of your emails, social media content, blogs, etc. Silly mistakes don’t seem so silly when folks you want to impress are viewing them.

And last, but not least…

8)  Have fun! You will never have another “first job” again. Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    6 Responses to “Lessons from a PR Young Professional”

    1. Mom says:

      Good article! Now take these lessons to heart!

    2. J.C. says:

      Really nice, Amy! I’m currently going through EXACTLY what you described.

    3. admin says:

      [Amy] I’m glad someone can relate! See you tomorrow!

    4. admin says:

      [Amy] Thanks, Mom, I’m trying!

    5. Diann says:

      That is a great list for anyone pursuing a career !

    6. admin says:

      Thank you!

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