Staying Consistent in an Inconsistent World

In today’s world, there are innumerable ways to send your brand’s message out into the world. However, it can be challenging to stay true to your brand strategy when you’re creating content for eblasts, press releases, websites and social media accounts. Here at 20K, we believe that messaging is a crucial part of your company’s larger brand strategy, along with defining your key stakeholders and objectives. Think of messaging as the written equivalent of your company’s logo. Both are bastions of your brand and should be easily recognizable to your clients, target audiences and industry. Now, you’re probably not in the habit of changing your logo for every Facebook post, press release or email you send out. Similarly, it’s important to keep your messaging consistent across all mediums.

Does your audience always know it’s you behind the megaphone?

Use Your Words We’re hardly advocating that you should just copy and paste your agreed-upon message everywhere you can. With the constant influx of new communication channels, it’s crucial to be flexible with the language and tone of your message. For example, while it may be acceptable (or even preferable) to use higher-level, technical language in a press release to a journalist or an eblast to clients, it may not be appropriate for a tweet. Depending on your audience and the vehicle you are using to reach them, tailor your language to be relatable and appealing. Are you going to be casual? Businesslike? Humorous? Or a combination of all three?  The words you use can either alienate or speak to your audience – consider them carefully. Stay Social Without Straying Social media has given us the ability to instantaneously send messages out to a wide audience quickly (and sometimes, in 140 characters or less). However, the pressure of constantly updating social media accounts can make it easy to forget about consistent messaging. Through the use of editorial calendars, company hashtags (such as our #FreshIdeas) and repeated themes posts (#TBT, anyone?), it is possible to generate engaging content and without straying from your brand strategy.


Today, people are bombarded with messages from all types of organizations across all types of channels. This makes it even more crucial to maintain a consistent persona. Ultimately, that's what messaging and marketing are about: connecting the dots between your business objectives and your audiences through clear, concise  and consistent messages.

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