The 20K Family

20K Group is ultimately about family. And it's not because the president of the firm is my mother. Of course, that is also true, but the company was founded many years before I ever came aboard. Debbie created a rarity...a company that is founded on the belief that the employees and clients are all part of a interlocked system. Some of our clients are our best friends--before and after we work with them. And employees, past and present, are as welcome at the office as they are at Thanksgiving. It a special culture that makes us happy to go to work every day.   And what spurred me to blog about this? Andrea was brought on early in 20K's history, and she was Debbie's right-hand woman for many, many years and my mentor when I joined the firm. She moved to Seattle to pursue a lifelong dream in 2010, and we were heartbroken but supportive. Today, we made plans to meet for lunch during a visit to Houston but needed to make it early in order to make a conference call. The immediate response was to ask her to if she wanted to take the call at our offices. Her response was that it would be great to work from 20K but that she didn't want to impose. My response was that 20K would always be her home and any open desk could be hers. It was a simple response...we love Andrea. But it made me think it was's the culture of our company. We get attached to our employees and to our clients. Like it or not, they're stuck with us for life. I think that's special and rather beautiful, if I may so myself.

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