A Road Block of the Mind, 01.02.2014

There are few things worse than staring at a blank page with a deadline breathing down your neck and not a clue of what to write. Writer's block happens to all of us. Sometimes we can push our writing off for another day when you feel more inspired - however, there are always those instances where you have to push through the darkness to put something on the page. Luckily, there are some techniques you can try to help get your creative juices, as well as word count, flowing.

Calvin and Hobbes

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Shop (Locally) ‘Til You Drop, 11.14.2013

Shop local, shop often: Isn’t that how the saying goes? As we gear up for the gifting frenzy of the holiday season, we want to stop and consider the effects of where we choose to do our shopping.
The horror.

The horror.

Over half of the working population works in a small business, and, according to Forbes, businesses with fewer than 500 employees generated over 65 percent of the net new jobs since 1995.  When you shop locally, you put money directly back into the community, which helps create even more jobs and new products. Besides, who would know better what items to provide to Houstonians than our fellow neighbors? read more »

Social Media Analytics: Why Bother?, 11.08.2013

Net likes, organic reach, negative engagement, benchmarking; what does it all mean? If your social media analytics data summons a blank stare at your screen, you’re not alone. We’re here to help demystify those seemingly random numbers, so you can maximize your social media strategy.


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The Perfect Email, 10.10.2013

According to the Radicati Group, 144.8 billion e-mails were generated per day last year, out of which 89 billion, or 61.46%, were business emails. Whoa. No wonder we feel like our first-born children have been preemptively scarified to the email gods. With so many emails flying in and out of your inbox, it’s easy to get fall into a routine of mindlessly replying and senselessly forwarding. But amidst the craziness, one seemingly minor mishap could land you or your organization in hot water.


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Branded for Life, 09.19.2013

To most people in Texas, September means one thing: football season.  Football fans proudly sport their team’s jerseys and hang flags from their windows. Fans develop deep-rooted love for their team and an intense hatred for rivals. When you hear about “brand ambassadors,” there are probably no better examples than in the sports arena. Football teams can teach us a lot about brand loyalty and separating your product from the competitors on the field and in our hearts. While it has been proven that colors can produce certain emotions, it is unlikely you will see two people get into a heated debate over which is the best color in the spectrum. When asked your favorite color, you probably consider the question for a few seconds and then give a couple of different options.  However, show OU’s crimson and cream to any football fan sporting burnt orange and white, and tempers will flare. Colors that would not usually be put together in any kind of fashionable way suddenly represent something much bigger than the colors themselves.
Tx-Ou-Stadium fishduck.com

Red River Rivalry

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Houston, I’m home!, 09.12.2013

Hi! My name is Carolyn Shaffer, and I am so excited to be the new intern at 20K Group. I graduated from Purdue University with degrees in professional writing and English literature in May of 2012. About six months ago, I moved to Houston from Chicago in search of warmer weather and employment opportunities. The 20-hour, 1090 mile distance separating Houston and Chicago makes for some interesting cultural variations, so I have compiled a few of my observations and adventures during my introduction to a new city.

Horse Ribbons?


You do WHAT with these?

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