Stressed at work? Free your mind, and the rest will follow., 03.13.2014

When you’re living on an island of saturated inboxes and endless to-do lists, slipping into the chronic madness of office life can happen all too quickly. However, let us remind you that rest is important. And we’re not talking about a cozy hammock and your fluffiest pillow — we’re talking about the spiritual and emotional rest one achieves through mindfulness. All the sleep-in Saturdays between now and the end of time could never fully rejuvenate you from the long weeknights and constant decision-making required by a demanding job. According to the National Institute of Health at the University of Massachusetts, exercising mindfulness in the workplace helps improve brain activity and concentration amongst employees. It enhances our ability to envision options and open ourselves to new perspectives, which makes us better collaborators. Untitled read more »

For the Love of Learning: Our Favorite Industry Books, 02.14.2014

Our relationship to plenty of things can seem fickle. There’s always a hot new social network, restaurant or other distraction to occupy our time. The world of industry books operates in much the same way. Each year, there’s a new “must have” book offering the streamline your life and revolutionize your career. In that overwhelming and ever-changing chaos, there are some industry books that we think have stood the test of time.
Happiness is a good book.

Happiness is a good book.

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Ciara Rouege: Drawing My Life, 01.30.2014

Our newest 20K intern, Ciara Rouege, shares her story through one of her passions - videography. Help us welcome her to the team in the comments!

Bigger Isn’t Always Better, 01.23.2014

Your cable is out – again. After being on hold for what seems like hours, you explain to the customer service representative on the other line that, yes, you’ve tried resetting the box, and, no, it didn’t work. The next day, you wait around your apartment for hours, and the technician STILL doesn’t make it during your appointment window, citing a flat tire. However, the next day, the CEO of the cable company calls you to personally apologize for your long wait time: "But, I can vouch for Joe – he really did have a flat tire." Obviously, the CEO of a large cable corporation probably doesn't have the time to make personalized follow-up calls. But wouldn't it be swell if he did? There are great things about working for a bigger company. But today, we’re taking a moment to reflect on what we love about working for a small one. Untitled3

More Than the Turkey, 11.27.2013

Around this time of year, we're reminded to take a step back, pause for a moment and count our blessings. Of course, we are always grateful for our health, happiness, friends and family, but this year, we're also pondering what we’re thankful for in an area of our lives that sometimes escapes scrutiny - our work. What are you all grateful for in your industries? For your holiday merriment, we’ve also shared some of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions and memories. Debbie: What's great about communications is that I've always thought of it as a service industry. We help people and because of that, we get to meet ALL kinds of personalities, people from different cultural and professional backgrounds and often forge lasting friendships. It's a one-to-many kind of job.
My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is our family whipped cream fight. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is our family's whipped cream fight. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

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Let’s Get Physical, 10.17.2013

We have a new piece of furniture at 20KGroup.

Modeled by our most athletic employee, obviously.

It’s not the prettiest, but it serves a very important purpose. It is way too easy to convince ourselves that sitting at a desk all day is the best way to be productive. After all, with so much work to do, who has time to get up and take a walk? read more »