Is Anybody Out There?, 02.06.2014

The digital world can be a bit overwhelming. For marketers, the internet provides the opportunity to interact with their present and potential consumers at any time, with the hope of cultivating brand loyalty (and, hopefully, boosting the bottom line). On the other hand, consumers are constantly confronted with a barrage of information. (Facebook alone produces 2.5 billion pieces of content EACH DAY.) Breaking through the noise and establishing your brand as a voice worth listening to requires an approach that centers on relevancy, thoughtfulness and realness.
The Internet as a map. Whoa.

The Internet as a map. Whoa.

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The “Slap” and Breakup Heard ‘Round the World, 12.05.2013

We like to think that most folks spent their Thanksgivings like we did – surrounded by loved ones and eating our weight in our favorite foods.

Some people, however, had a much more eventful holiday. As illustrated by FlightAware’s Misery Map, delays ran rampant over the holiday weekend, causing thousands of travelers undue stress as they tried to reunite with their families. The Thanksgiving travel insanity also led to one of the most infamous exchanges of 2013. We’re referring to Elan Gale’s (@theyearofelan) heated, but mostly nonverbal, communication with fellow air traveler “Diane." Internet spectators watched in suspense as Elan and “Diane’s” missives became less and less civil as their flight wore on, eventually culminating in a physical altercation.

That escalated quickly.

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Social Media Analytics: Why Bother?, 11.08.2013

Net likes, organic reach, negative engagement, benchmarking; what does it all mean? If your social media analytics data summons a blank stare at your screen, you’re not alone. We’re here to help demystify those seemingly random numbers, so you can maximize your social media strategy.


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Scary Stories to Tell Online, 10.31.2013

This story beings like most scary stories – on a dark and stormy night. Our hero sits at home, perusing her various social media outlets. She gives Facebook a perfunctory glance, checks for new connections on LinkedIn and makes her way over the 140-character information onslaught of Twitter. When she logs in, she sees a new direct message on her profile. A chill sets in. She hesitates before clicking. “Do I want to know? Maybe ignorance is bliss…but it could be important,” she thinks. Finally, swallowing her dread, she opens up her direct messages. HAHA you see this pic of you?!?!?

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Conflict on Twitter, 08.15.2013

We all want to create something so share-worthy that Mashable or BuzzFeed fight over it. We all want our brands to receive attention. But, what if that attention was for something negative? In a single second (which can seem like years on the internet), word spreads like wildfire. So, is it really worth getting into an argument on a public forum like Twitter? At the end of the day, no one really wins, and nothing gets resolved. It’s inevitable that conflict will arise, but when it spills onto Twitter, it takes on a life of its own. We’ve all read about (or witnessed) infamous Twitter spats between rival sports teams or two British boy bands. However, when companies and brands take their grievances to the internet, the results are magnified. Let’s look at Adam Orth as an example. The former Microsoft Studios creative director left his post after facing criticism for his seemingly abrasive tweets. Microsoft apologized for the former employee’s tweets, stating that his views did not reflect the approach the company takes to their products and customers.

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Everyday is April Fool’s Day, 04.04.2013

Are the memories of the tricks and tomfoolery of April Fool's Day still fresh in your mind? All sorts of juicy tidbits, "facts" and stories filled your newsfeed. You wanted to believe and tell your friends and followers, but you knew most of what you saw were probably just April Fool's jokes. It was a day to be on the lookout for pranks and skeptical of information. In today's world of expedited sharing, that's the way you need to feel every day. The internet moves at warp speed. Users are creating and digesting an astounding amount of information, and social media has made sharing that information faster and easier than ever before. So how fast has it become? Twitter users are sending over 100,000 tweets every minute!

CNN Obamacare Mistake

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Get Visual, 03.15.2013


Last week Facebook announced major changes to its news feed that leave brand communicators scrambling to find the best way to adjust. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of the news feed, the most significant modification will allow users to choose from several streams: Top News, Friends, Pages (brands), Music, Games and Photos. The split of brand content and friend content could give businesses separation anxiety. How often will users seek out the new pages feed? How will organization keep their communities engaged with updates? Scaling up the ratio of visual and audible posts in the content strategy will likely be the most effective solution.


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Speak up! On social media, silence is rarely golden., 02.28.2013

In the constant struggle for influence, many brands dream of having their time in the social media spotlight. Two weeks ago, Poland Spring missed a golden opportunity to capitalize on a fortuitous situation with their decision to ignore a place where millions of conversations happen every day. Following President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s sip from a tiny bottle of Poland Spring water turned his Republican rebuttal into an immediate viral storm. The sip seen around the world quickly sparked a #watergate hashtag, a Lil’ John remix and innumerable GIFs. It got our PR brains churning: How was Poland Spring going to respond to one of the greatest spontaneous self-promotion opportunities of all time? read more »

Go Texan for Chesney, 02.22.2013

20K Goes Texan Cowboys and Cowgirls, We’re proud of our local roots, and there’s no bigger and better celebration of our hometown than the world famous Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! Twinkie-the-Kid-smallIt's almost time for mutton bustin’, fried Twinkies (Uh oh! Will there be fried Hostess treats this year?!) and enough bedazzled denim outfits to fill Reliant Stadium to the brim. In fact, we’re shaking-in-our-boots-excited for three weeks of bull riding, calf scrambling, smoking meat and dancing to some of music’s best, and we want to help you experience it, too. We’re giving away two tickets to see Kenny Chesney and all the other sights and sounds of the rodeo on March 12. For a chance to win them, you just have to “Go Texan!” Here's how it works: read more »

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, 01.29.2013

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you a social media wiz? Media relations guru? Master of event planning? We all have perceptions of our own skill sets and strengths and weaknesses. But what do your peers see? It’s difficult to know exactly what others think about you, but LinkedIn’s endorsement tool may do just that by allowing you to take a look at yourself through another's lens. At one time you probably entered your "Skills and Expertise" on LinkedIn to highlight your specialties. Now, with the introduction of “endorsements,” there's a good chance your connections have supplemented that information by selecting the areas in which they think you excel. By looking into those endorsements you can begin to piece together others' perceptions of you. read more »