Strength in Others, 09.30.2011


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Social Media - Is there a world where social media marketers can directly engage with consumers, and where users happily accept brand presence? Simon Esler, contributing writer to Social Media Explorer and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ConvoNation, discusses this concept in his article “The Consumer Versus Brand Conflict in Social Media.” - By now you’ve probably heard about and/or experienced Facebook’s “frictionless sharing,” where users can approve a media partner app and their music, articles, or videos—depending on which app you install—are automatically uploaded to their timeline for all to see. How do you feel about sharing your activity? Do you consider some media sources more private than others? read more »

Strength in Others, 09.23.2011

Communications Olio - Jazz up your reading materials with these 17 marketing blogs, courtesy of The Future Buzz's Adam Singer, that may not have the privilege of calling you a follower just yet.  Did you already know about some of these blogs?  Share your favorites with us in the comments section! - Harrison Kratz of Social Fresh shares some great pointers for setting up your own social good communications strategy. Kratz advises you to start from a core network of supporters who share your passion—friends, family, and acquaintances—and build out your campaign through targeted social outlets. The bullet that we find the most important is “own your identity.”  Define your cause through a carefully crafted mission for your initiative to be fully understood from the top down.  The manner in which you distribute this information depends on your online communication culture.  With clear goals and a united front, more will follow! read more »

Strength in Others, 09.16.2011

Corporate Social Responsibility - On the heels of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Deidre H. Campbell, head of financial communications for Burson-Marsteller and contributing writer to Forbes, reflects on the tough decade in her article America’s Reputation Is Every Company’s Responsibility. Campbell lists these three U.S. businesses as leaders in CSR: 1), 2) charity: water, and 3) Clinton Global Initiative. Campbell’s advice? “Your organization can’t save the entire world, but you can bring about substantial change if you get specific.” - The 2008 financial collapse forced all companies to identify cost-saving measures, including the funds allocated for corporate social responsibility efforts. In this article, writer Gordon Bajnai reminds companies to “be mindful of the wide circle of stakeholders in the community,” defining the ‘wide circle’ as “employees, the environment, and the state.” Can CSR help America avoid a double-dip recession? read more »

Strength in Others, 09.13.2011

Communications - Developing a PR and media campaign can be challenging—how far in advance should you promote a new product or service? Todd Brabender, President of Spread The News Public Relations, Inc., offers some insight for mapping out a timeline for your campaign, ranging from data-sensitive (1-2 months) to evergreen and regenerative (9+ months). - Hulu is now being offered in Japan as part of the company’s first international expansion. We’re excited to see where this leads, especially since Hulu intends to bring “Japanese-produced content to the service…as well as content from across the Asian region.” Wonder where the next big stop for Hulu will be? read more »

Strength in Others, 08.26.2011

Crisis Management - If your company finds itself in an online firestorm, lean on this advice from Forbes contributors Davia Temin and Ian Anderson: admit your mistake, deliver a sincere apology, and make amends. - In crisis management, know the facts. Admitting your mistake in the most transparent manner possible requires getting the story straight. Says Eric Rabe, Senior Advisor at Fels Institute of Government (University of Pennsylvania), “in a crisis, clear and candid disclosure is the only option.” Having a plan to manage issues PRIOR to an actual crisis also helps ensure that your team can focus on finding out the facts when the world seems to be spinning at warp speed. read more »

Strength in Others, 08.12.2011

Social Media - weighs the pros and cons for nonprofits looking to dive into Google+  before mastering tried and true sites like Facebook and Twitter. Conclusion? It certainly can’t hurt to allocate a few minutes a day to Google+. Beth Kanter says, “If it turns out that it is something, you’ve planted some seeds and you have some presence on the network, and an understanding of how it works.” Go forth and explore! read more »

Strength in Others, 12.22.2010

Our Community - Forbes recently publicized what most Houstonians already know—this city is a rockin’ place to live.  Coming in just behind Austin, Houston ranked #2 as the best city for young adults because of a low cost of living, low(er) unemployment rates, decent entry-level salaries, and a great arts and music scene. If it’s not clear already from this blog, we’re in 100% agreement—the city of Houston is amazing! Social Responsibility - A recent survey by Do Well Do Good showed that consumers rank social responsibility as an important priority for businesses. More than 88% of consumers believe that companies should try to improve the environment and society while also achieving business objectives. At the same time, most employees surveyed responded that they would seriously consider quitting if their company was harming the environment or committing social injustices. read more »

Strength in Others, 12.13.2010

Our Community - This Thursday (December 16), Houston’s social media mavens will be “tweeting up” for the first Houston Holiday Tweet Drive. The event is open to the public, as long as you bring a new toy or book for a child in need. Donations will benefit Neighborhood Centers Inc. The deets? Dec. 16 | Primer Grey HQ at 1305 Sterrett St. | 6-10 p.m. Social ResponsibilityDo CEOs care about energy efficiency? Emily Martin writes that there is, in fact, a dearth of C-level leaders coordinating closely with facilities managers to decrease energy spend. Following a panel session with executives, Martin says, "From an on-the-ground perspective, the panel emphasized the importance of tapping into employee enthusiasm. Frequently, corporate CSR programs start with grass-root employee efforts, leading executives to realize 'Hey, we have a sustainability program!'" read more »

Strength in Others, 11.16.2010

Our Community - Our rebellious friends over at the Black Sheep Agency wrote a thoughtful and passionate blog post about Houston’s thriving creative scene.  When local corporations look to outsource their creative needs to cities perceived as more “forward-thinking,” they miss an opportunity to support the vibrant creative economy and extraordinary talent right here at home.  In my favorite blog post of 2010, the Black Sheep make the case for why Houston doesn’t “have a problem.” - Case in point?  We just found out about two regular and very cool spoken word events.  Grown Up Storytime crowdsources stories from their fans to be performed by their “rotating crack squad of highly skilled story readers.  And Word Around Town seeks to create “a worldwide platform to unify poets and their community,” but their website is all about local talent: Borders Poetry Reading Series on the second Tuesday of every month, open mic nights every Monday at Te House of Tea, and creative festivals and fairs galore.  Lovers of words unite! read more »

Strength in Others, 10.15.2010

Issues Management - Similac, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, is earning kudos for their response to a recent formula recall.  Using e-communications, Similac was able to disseminate information quickly to concerned parents.  The company even highlighted alternative products until the issue was resolved.  A father interviewed for BulletProof Blog said that Similac had actually earned his loyalty and respect with their deft and responsible handling of the crisis. Corporate Social Responsibility - New York Times columnist Tom Friedman recently moderated a panel at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) called How to Strengthen Market Based Solutions.  One of the key takeaways was that profitability can, and arguably should, be defined with a sense of investment in the future—not just for the sake of making money in the near term.  Fadi Ghandour of Aramex summarized, “If the community is happy, the ROI will show on my company’s balance sheet, if not today, then down the line.” read more »