Doing Good: Our Global Village Thinks Globally, Acts Everywhere

We kicked off our featured nonprofit series with the worthy (and wordy, in a great way) Writers in Schools. If you missed it, be sure to check out their work and maybe even find yourself in an upcoming workshop. This month-and in celebration of the season of giving-we'll take you around the world with a Houston-area nonprofit that is thinking globally and acting everywhere. When I met Roxanne Paiva on the first day of our Leadership Houston Class XXXI retreat, I knew she was going to be a new entry on my "People I Think Hung the Moon" list. This teeny ball of energy actually does the things that we all think about but rarely bring into life. While traveling in Southeast Asia a few years ago, Roxanne was deeply affected by the pervasive poverty and vowed to do something to change that landscape. Many of my fellow travelers-myself included-have had that exact same thought, but we come our photos to Facebook, maybe...get busy with daily life...and push those thoughts out the door. But not, Roxanne. She quickly rallied friends and family to raise a whole heap of money to help support a woman she met during her travels. Several years later, this act of kindness in action has grown into one of my favorite nonprofits, Our Global Village.

Our Global Village founder Roxanne Paiva with a refugee artisan

Our Global Village founder Roxanne Paiva with a refugee artisan
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I'm so inspired by Our Global Village's commitment to supporting grassroots leaders who are doing amazing things for their communities in big and small ways. Today, Our Global Village helps fund projects in Thailand, Burma, Mozambique and Houston and reminds me that anyone is capable of changing the world. Ways you can support Our Global Village:  

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