Puppies & the Queen of Soul

I happen to love our 4 story, window-filled office space in the museum district, but there is a problem with the architectural chi for our small firm.  Debbie, Marie and I are each on a separate floor.  It can get kind of lonely in our isolated little offices, even with occasional breaks to chat outside of our clients' needs.  Recently, we all noticed a funk in the air.  It just wasn't the fun-loving 20K Group of the not-so-distant past. So, in order to shake things up a bit, bridge the floor gap and bring a little bit of soul back into our space, we have decreed two new office rules:
Sully the Office Dog

Sully the Office Dog Veteran

(1)  Every Friday shall henceforth be proclaimed as "Take Your Puppy to Work Day."  This really isn't an incredible adjustment, since we have Sully the Office Dog here everyday (she hangs out in my office until it's time to beg someone else for Pup-peroni).  But now, we'll get a bit more canine loving each week with the addition of Tasha the Escape Artist to our Friday landscape.  Tasha recently gained social media notoriety when she disappeared from Marie's backyard for a couple of traumatizing (for Marie, anyway) weeks.  Thankfully, she was happily reunited with her mom, dad and furry siblings. We couldn't be happier to have her pretty Husky face as the newest member of the 20K Team.  Although, Sully seems to have a different opinion.
Tasha the Office Newbie

Tasha the Escape Artist

(2)  Since we sit on different floors, it can be difficult to read the stress levels of each other and to know when someone is in need of a hug or smile.  Enter the second new regulation: If thou art stressed to the max, you are obligated to turn on Aretha Franklin at full blast, while your colleagues shall be required to join in an impromptu dance party. Sure, these aren't necessarily innovator-of-the-year management award-winning techniques, but I think it will help us to get our cultural mojo back.  I mean, who can help but smile with puppies and spontaneous dance parties waiting around the corner?  If all else fails, we're bringing back the 4 p.m. cocktail hour to Debbie's cube in the sky. What do you do to make your office a happier, brighter place to spend your days?

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