Stuck in the Weeds

The 20K in 20K Group refers to the proverbial 20,000 foot level in business-speak. Our strength is lifting our clients out of the day-to-day minutiae to a place where the big picture of their brand is bright, clear and meaningful. But as an agency, we too often put our own marketing and communications strategy on the back burner to tend to the clients' needs, and we do so gladly. Though our client roster is robust, we're recognizing that we need to amplify our brand as one of the best--and only--strategic communications firms in Houston. We're in the process of developing visual rebrand--in conjunction with our move back to Tribeca Lofts--and we're upping our social (media) game. @20K Group has been on Twitter for several years, and we have implemented and managed social media strategies for several large Houston nonprofits and businesses. But we've never taken the dive into building a Facebook "Like" page for 20K. Well, that's changing. We'll be posting news on emerging trends in communications, tips on how to build your brand and how to be a socially responsible enterprise and, of course, happenings in Houston that we find interesting. We're also making a commitment to inject life into the "Fresh Ideas" blog. To be honest, 2011 has been a very busy year, and we let this blog go to the weeds. No longer, say we! Our clients will always remain THE priority, but we're going to give 20K a little TLC, too. We want to know: What are your challenges to maintaining social marketing efforts on a regular and consistent basis? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of social networking sites? What are your tips for keeping content fresh and consistent?

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