Fresh Air

We finally launched our new website. Would you think we were kidding if I told you it took us three years to get this done? During that time, the world changed forever: the earth continues to seem angry over something, as yet another hurricane targeted our great city; earthquakes and volcanoes have become a common occurrence; we elected the first non-white president of the United States; and social networking has become (in my humble view), the most important sea change in communications in a century. So what does that have to do with redesigning our website? Absolutely nothing – except that we’ve been really, really busy just keeping up with what’s changing in communications because it’s our job to stay ahead of our clients and their needs. All we can say is, it’ll never happen, and how cool is that? If we were to harness the relationships created by the global network as we’re seeing it evolve today, it would be the biggest tragedy since---well, pick your favorite historic heartbreak. We’re telling our clients to find your boat, outfit it well and get on that river; don’t try to swim against the current. Worse yet, don’t just jump on a raft and float downriver, if you get my metaphor. So, without further ado, welcome to 20K Group’s new addition to our website: “Fresh Ideas.” We don’t presuppose to offer any groundbreaking concepts here, certainly not in the arena of technology and social media. What we do have going on is a great team of people who are open to pretty much any new idea. But we have the experience of many years of successes, balanced with getting knocked back down a bit by reality. And we have a collective passion for hard work, clean, coordinated communications and the excellent results those things produce for any organization. So there you go. Join us whenever you can. And follow us on Twitter: @20KGroup.

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