Keeping Up with the Times

I can be as lazy as the next person. But here’s the thing: With the invention of web newsreaders, there simply isn’t any reason not to spend 10 minutes every morning getting a handle on what’s going on in the world, your industry, technology, pop culture, sports, whatever. I use Gruml, which syncs with Google Reader. There are a gazillion of them. Since I work on multiple computers, it works well for me. I have a personal bias for Macs. We have them at home. We have them at the office. I would have one in the car if I could. Actually, I do… I bought an iPad. And I have a newsreader on it. Oh—and I have one on my iPhone, too. I have NO excuse for not reading the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, my Houston Chronicle, Forbes and Business Week headlines. We can even keep up with our clients’ mentions or issues from the remotest places on earth. Do you have any idea what this used to cost in the "olden" days when I was a corporate PR person in a time far away and long ago? Thousands of dollars. Not per year. Per month. It’s free, guys, and it can be with you anywhere you go, whenever. You owe it to yourself as an employee, an employer and a human being who shares the planet to know what’s going on around you (just my opinion). If you had to subscribe to two dozen publications and circulate them around the office or watch them pile up at home for weekend reading you had no possibility of getting to, I’d be out of it, too, but the beauty of life today is that, until Congress or the publishing lobby strikes a blow to information freedom, we have something great going on here, so take advantage of it. I’d give you a list of the best newsreaders, but I don’t know if you have a Windows computer or a Mac, or if you want one for your iPhone or your Blackberry, or your personal preferences. So, take yourself on a taste test tour of what's out there -- your mind and your clients will thank you.

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