Not Just Another Three-Day Weekend

I’m pretty sure my colleagues would agree when I write that the chief reason we love our business is the diversity of industries, people, projects and ideas we work with daily. One recent example inspired this blog. An event we have helped support for four years over the Memorial Day weekend has become something my husband and I really look forward to. Honestly, we didn’t initially think we were the types. Classic case of laziness or lack of understanding, I guess. Every third Monday in May, our client, Dignity Memorial ®, a huge funeral home and cemetery operator, asks us to support their community Memorial Day commemoration at Memorial Oaks Cemetery out in West Houston. The event, which is timed to last exactly one hour, draws hundreds of loved ones of people buried at the cemetery and, as it turns out, lots of veterans and family members who love or have loved and lost veterans from throughout the Greater Houston area. Flag The cemetery staff does an incredible job of staging a perfectly-timed program that includes all of the heart-wrenching elements a ceremony honoring those who have died serving our country should include: a university Honor Guard, fly-over by vintage fighting planes, taps, gun salute, a caisson, bagpipes (big tears) and gorgeous music. What gets me, though, are the dozens and dozens of people who stop and thank the staff, sincerely imploring them that this event continue, while dropping in a piece of advice or two about how it can be improved next year. As the guests drive out, a few stop graveside to say goodbye to mom or dad, a sister or brother, and, sometimes, a son or daughter. Bottom line: When Friday before Memorial Day arrives, and the many people I come in contact with say, “Happy Memorial Day! Headed to the beach?” I know exactly where I’m going. My challenge to myself is to make that feeling I get — that patriotism and sense of gratitude about being an American — stay fresh within me throughout the year.

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    1. Danute Motiejaitis says:

      Very touching and hits close to home. We were in San Fransisco over the weekend and on Sunday found ourselves by the Veteran’s cemetary in the Presidio. It was humbling to see all the flags that were put on each gravestone. Even more so when we saw two men visiting a gravesite and wiping tears away. Really brought home who we are honoring on this day!

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