Your Secret Is Safe. Or is it?

Today, one of my colleagues was about to email a document to a client that she had saved with “Confidential” in the file name.  It generated a short discussion about how easy it is to breach confidentiality in business relationships, most innocently.  So here’s our list of just a few ways we all break our oath to honor absolute secrecy virtually every day: 1)    “Reply all.” The worst, most troublesome button within our email clients. How many ti mes have you intended to reply to the sender only and shot that flip comment out to all 12 recipients? Just as an Enron West Coast trader…. 2)    Type “Confidential” in the subject line.  Really?  How much do you want me to hack that email?  Like, a LOT? 3)    Leave sensitive documents open on your monitor and go to lunch, or worse yet, leave for the day. 4)    Sit in the middle seat on the airplane and work on a highly confidential presentation on your laptop. 5)    Forward an email but forget it has a confidential document attached. 6)    Answer your boss’ call on your cell phone with your Bluetooth headset and speak at a volume like your talking on a circa 1935 party line while grocery shopping. 7)    Literally forget what is confidential vs. what isn’t because you’re either too tired or just juggling too much information. 8)    Continue talking with your colleagues after an important meeting as you go down the elevator but ignore the fact that other people are getting on as it descends to lower floors. 9)    Whisper in a restaurant—or in the coffee bar, or anywhere for that matter. (Try it and just watch how hard the people will work to hear what you’re saying!) 10) Tell your best friend, who has a tendency to get fall-down drunk a couple of times a month, a really important secret about work and make him/her promise never to tell. Guilty as charged, or what?  

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