Tips for Keeping Your Reporter Happy

Pitch Me Like any long-term relationship, keeping the flame alive between reporters and PR pros takes work, but you’ve probably already read a thousand articles about all of the things that land our industry colleagues in the doghouse. So, this Valentine’s Day we’re doing something different. We’re bringing back that loving feeling between hack and flack. In lieu of flowers and chocolates, and from the bottom of our hearts, we gift you with tips from local journalists Courtney Zavala, Joel Luks and Sabrina Miskelly on pitching your way into their hearts.  Courtney Zavala Tips Joel Luks Tips Sabrina Miskelly Tips Every relationship is a two-way street though, so PR people, tell us what makes you love working with your favorite journalists!
Photos courtesy of KPRC Local 2 News, CultureMap and Sabrina Miskelly

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