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CSR - The 7-stage evolution of a socially responsible brand. Simon Mainwaring, contributing writer to Mashable and founder of social branding consultancy We First, writes that companies are beginning to “recognize the potential financial and reputational advantages they can gain by engaging with consumers around the shared ambition of building a better world.” Be sure to peruse Mainwaring’s seven stages to establish brand leadership. - A higher ambition for CSR: corporate social purpose. Forbes’ CSR Blog Contributor Paul Klein discusses a Harvard Business Review article by Nathan Foote, Russell Eisenstat, and Tobias Fredberg titled “The Higher Ambition Leader.” Specifically, Klein applauds the writers’ efforts to clarify the difference between CSR and corporate social purpose. Take a peek at the three-part approach to achieving “higher ambition” leadership success.   Communications Olio - HubSpots’s Jeanne Hopkins recently presented on content marketing at Social Fresh Charlotte. Social Fresh’s Nicole D’Alonzo offers Hopkins’ key insight on why you should be blogging, which words get you links, and the importance of loadable content on your phone. - Should we have multiple company bloggers? A company blog can increase traffic to your website. While the upkeep can be challenging, deciding if you will have one or multiple company bloggers from the outset can lay the groundwork for your success. Social Media Today’s Mark Schaefer provides helpful advice for you to identify the best method for your company.   Social Media - Debbie Hernley from the Social Media Examiner writes that Google+ is starting to ramp up. Hernley shares 20 tips and resources to enhance your experience with this new social media network. - One simple and free solution for 5 reasons you get unfollowed on Twitter. In Dave Larson’s guest post on Social Media today, he directs readers to BufferApp, a free tool that can do things like automatically share tweets when people are most likely to see them and spread out your tweets over the course of the day to you’re striking the right balance. Larson makes a compelling argument to use this app, but you can also pick up some important tips and/or refreshers for minding your Twitter manners (hint: don’t forget to say thank you!).  

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