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Social Media - Are you maximizing your efforts for social media optimization? Lauren Yontef provides these six tips for amping up your online content in Six @ Six: Basic Tips for Social Optimization. - Bennie Langenhoven of Tellumat Communication Solutions writes that “[s]ocial media has already become widely used in business, but its impact will be felt even more pervasively in the future, as unified communications and other applications find a natural home in a social setting.” Are social-UC apps the way of the future in business? CSR - Which companies should we trust to deliver on sustainability? Todd Cort, CEO of Two Tomorrows, an international corporate sustainability agency, provides some light on how the company produces their sustainability rating, dubbed Tomorrow’s Value Rating (TVR). According to Cort, the key to a high TVR rating is trust—“Do we, as consumers, investors and citizens, trust that these companies are acting in our collective best interest?” - Facebook gets green with “social energy app.” In partnership with Opower and the National Research Defense Council, Facebook will launch a new app allowing “consumers to compare their energy usage with that of other homes across the country, and with friends and neighbors,” writes Lorien Crow for Mobiledia. Crisis Communications - A great article on Presenting Yourself shows that the most important point is a simple one: your business doesn’t have to do anything wrong for a crisis to erupt, but your company is still responsible for having a plan to manage one. Other tips to consider for your crisis communications plan include establishing a 24/7 virtual command center, providing timely responses to customer complaints, and leveraging social media. - The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) conference in Orlando, Florida touched on natural disasters and their impact on crisis communications. Looking at the five-period gap between Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, John Deveney of Deveney Communications & PR noted that a “strong social media element” had arisen. However, in light of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Deveney encourages companies “to incorporate live events and community relations in your crisis response” in addition to social media efforts.  

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