Strength in Others

Communications Olio - Jazz up your reading materials with these 17 marketing blogs, courtesy of The Future Buzz's Adam Singer, that may not have the privilege of calling you a follower just yet.  Did you already know about some of these blogs?  Share your favorites with us in the comments section! - Harrison Kratz of Social Fresh shares some great pointers for setting up your own social good communications strategy. Kratz advises you to start from a core network of supporters who share your passion—friends, family, and acquaintances—and build out your campaign through targeted social outlets. The bullet that we find the most important is “own your identity.”  Define your cause through a carefully crafted mission for your initiative to be fully understood from the top down.  The manner in which you distribute this information depends on your online communication culture.  With clear goals and a united front, more will follow! Social Media - Many media types live in the land of Twitter, but most regular people don’t.  Monica Hesse of The Washington Post puts social media vs. the real world in perspective for us. Without a doubt, social media can be very powerful for our clients and communications professionals alike.  To build an even stronger social media campaign, we can apply Hesse’s take-home advice that what makes something—an event, a press release, what have you—special is that it’s truly special; not that it’s clouded in fluffy words in cyberspace. - Twitter’s going political.  In a recent L.A. Times article by Jessica Guynn, we learn that Twitter will begin selling political ads for the first time for the 2012 election.  Look for the purple check mark, the distinguishing feature of political adverts. Crisis Management - Communications professional Dana Coleman wisely reminds us that crisis management is not just for security personnel.  Using information obtained by, who asked different organizations about disaster preparedness planning, Coleman reports this good advice: 1) People always come first; 2) Planning and drills are important; 3) Avoid complacency; 4) Think the unthinkable; and 5) Update your plan.  Remember, when a crisis occurs and you lack a plan, you’re already behind! - The city of Marrietta, GA received an award for its cutting-edge online emergency management application that displays information on crises in real-time via the city’s public website.  Two cheers for transparency and information sharing that improve efficiency during times of crisis! Corporate Social Responsibility - Looking to share your thoughts on CSR?  We encourage you to visit Tales from the Hood, a humanitarian aid blog that is featuring CSR as its first topic of discussion in its Aid Blog Forum.  To get involved, post your experiences, viewpoints, and advice to your own blog and then add your link to the Aid Blog Forum before September 26. - Triple Pundit guest author Joe Lawless, Executive Director of the Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility, explains in his article “Why Your Business Should Care About Corporate Social Responsibility” that companies have been debating CSR since the 1950s.  “What has changed in the intervening 60 years is consumers’ access to information—the good, the bad and the ugly.” Likening fake values to using an old, more attractive photo of yourself from years past, Lawless advises us to make sure our business integrity and practice are in line first in order to create lasting values and stakeholder relationships.  

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