Strength in Others

Crisis Management - If your company finds itself in an online firestorm, lean on this advice from Forbes contributors Davia Temin and Ian Anderson: admit your mistake, deliver a sincere apology, and make amends. - In crisis management, know the facts. Admitting your mistake in the most transparent manner possible requires getting the story straight. Says Eric Rabe, Senior Advisor at Fels Institute of Government (University of Pennsylvania), “in a crisis, clear and candid disclosure is the only option.” Having a plan to manage issues PRIOR to an actual crisis also helps ensure that your team can focus on finding out the facts when the world seems to be spinning at warp speed. Social Media - Social media for business is about giving, not taking. According to Michael Zimmerman, a senior marketing strategist at the consulting firm MarketPoint LLC, a business will experience the benefits of social media when it shares information that is valuable to its audience and engages in meaningful dialogues, rather than using social networking solely as a one-way tool to reap financial gain. - The keystone to a company’s social media success is building a strategy from their mission, defining objectives and staying focused. Check out these tactics for straight sailing from Social Fresh’s Brandon Uttley, including this gem: "Saying, “We will increase our engagement with fans” is an utterly weak type of social media objective that, sadly, is all too common." Advertising - A study conducted by marketing professors Henrik Hagtvedt (Carroll School of Management, Boston College) and Vanessa M. Patrick (University of Houston) revealed that using fine art in advertising can backfire if the public’s perception of the product is disjointed from what the work of art depicts. Conversely, an experience may be heightened if the public finds the connection between artwork and product to be relatable. Corporate Social Responsibility - The dialogue about CSR is heating up, with much attention being focused on the difference between CSR and sustainability and the saturation of terminology related to the topic. No matter which side of the debate you sit, the important message is that the dialogue keeps going. In this Forbes "The CSR Blog," Aman Signh writes that the lack of widespread public attention to CSR is partially due to the linguistic divide but can also be attributed to a lack of interest and/or moxy from journalists. Community - Dust off that hula hoop and head to Discovery Green on August 28 to raise money for Easter Seals of Greater Houston with Care2Spin’s Guinness World Record attempt for the most simultaneous hula hoopers in one location! - It’s a great weekend to partake in Houston’s theater-fare! Start with Houston Downtown Alliance's "Raising the Curtain" on August 27, a celebration of the 2011­–2012 Theater District Season at the brand-new Houston Ballet Center for Dance. On August 28, you can take in dance, music, and theater at four Theater District venues as part of Capital One Bank Theater District Open House 2011.  

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