Strength in Others

Corporate Social Responsibility - On the heels of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Deidre H. Campbell, head of financial communications for Burson-Marsteller and contributing writer to Forbes, reflects on the tough decade in her article America’s Reputation Is Every Company’s Responsibility. Campbell lists these three U.S. businesses as leaders in CSR: 1), 2) charity: water, and 3) Clinton Global Initiative. Campbell’s advice? “Your organization can’t save the entire world, but you can bring about substantial change if you get specific.” - The 2008 financial collapse forced all companies to identify cost-saving measures, including the funds allocated for corporate social responsibility efforts. In this article, writer Gordon Bajnai reminds companies to “be mindful of the wide circle of stakeholders in the community,” defining the ‘wide circle’ as “employees, the environment, and the state.” Can CSR help America avoid a double-dip recession? Social Media - We can’t stress enough how important it is for businesses to establish monitoring tools for social media sites, in addition to print and digital media. Social Fresh’s Adam Holden-Bache offers 22 pointers for social media alerts your business should consider, organized into these three main categories: your company, industry, and competition. Being informed is crucial, and you can do it for free using Google Alerts. - Earlier this week, Twitter released a tool that tracks how much traffic is brought to websites via Twitter. Called “Twitter Web Analytics,” the tool will also monitor the sharing of company content on Twitter and Tweet Button performance. Crisis Management - Pamela Lewis Dolan, writer for American Medical News, hit the nail on the head with her article 5 ways to manage your online reputation. While the article is tailored to physicians, Dolan’s points can and should absolutely be applied to managing any business professional’s online presence and reputation. Scott Sobel, president of Media and Communications Strategy, puts it perfectly: “The best defense in these cases is good offense.” While managing negative comments is important, we also recommend sharing the positive feedback you have received with your clientele for a successful online presence. - Crisis management: the ultimate test of a leader. We’ve all heard some version of it before: your true character is defined in the most challenging of times. Strategy consultant John Bell, retired CEO of Jacobs Suchard, believes you can rise above the crisis if you know how to lead, have a set of beliefs and values, and can communicate. To us, Bell’s most important point is to be prepared so you have the tools to deal with the crisis as soon as it occurs. Community - The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, will accept some new photography into its collection through the 2011 Gift of Gift of (GoGo) exhibition. CultureMap writer Joel Luks describes GoGo as “an event that aims to give young arts patrons a voice and allows them some influence over what’s shown at major cultural institutions.” What a cool way to include the public and support the arts! Be sure to check out the photography here, and, hopefully, in person at the MFAH soon. - Car wash, haircut, and burger simultaneously? Okay, maybe not simultaneously, but you could accomplish all three in one stop. Take a peek at Allison Cook’s new find, Facundo Cafe.        

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