Strength in Others

Our Community - We’ve known for a long time how amazing Houstonians are when it comes to generosity, both in terms of time and money, but now Charity Navigator has confirmed our city’s ranking as the #2 place for financially healthy nonprofits. Way to go, Houston! Social Media - Judy Shapiro defines social-relationship marketing and examines the breadth of social media effects on current marketing strategies. Do you think she has her finger on the pulse of today's business climate? Social Responsibility - BusinessWeek recently published its roundup of businesses making a positive impact on our world – otherwise known as “social entrepreneurs. Vote for your favorite, get inspired and do something! - In his new book, Nobel Prize winner & Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus contends that social entrepreneurs should not seek compensation in any way. According to Yunus, all profits should be funneled back into work that directly benefits society. Not sure I believe in such a hard line. What about you? Communications Olio - Our addiction to gadgets, gidgets and widgets is physiologically rewiring our brains. Do you feel like the “data deluge,” as the New York Times calls it, is changing the way your body, mind and relationships operate? We don’t claim to know everything — or even have the time to attempt to sift through the vast catalogs of articles and blog posts. So, in the spirit of #SLGT (support local, grow together), we will stand on the shoulders of giants (hello, cliche) each week to pass along links that we find interest, useful or just plain fun. Leave us a comment with your recommendations for what we should be reading and who we should be following.

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