Strength in Others

Issues Management - Similac, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, is earning kudos for their response to a recent formula recall.  Using e-communications, Similac was able to disseminate information quickly to concerned parents.  The company even highlighted alternative products until the issue was resolved.  A father interviewed for BulletProof Blog said that Similac had actually earned his loyalty and respect with their deft and responsible handling of the crisis. Corporate Social Responsibility - New York Times columnist Tom Friedman recently moderated a panel at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) called How to Strengthen Market Based Solutions.  One of the key takeaways was that profitability can, and arguably should, be defined with a sense of investment in the future—not just for the sake of making money in the near term.  Fadi Ghandour of Aramex summarized, “If the community is happy, the ROI will show on my company’s balance sheet, if not today, then down the line.” - Related to Ghandour’s comment above, Sun Chips recently learned that green marketing isn’t always enough.  The consumer’s threshold for a trade-off between convenience and “user experience” and buying a “green” product is not has deep as some would think.  Sun Chips’ biodegradable, but noisy, bag was not received well by the consumer, and the company has since elected to return to the previous non-biodegradable bag.  Doug Melville of Ad Age argues that Sun Chips would have fared better if the product roll-out had been accompanied by an education campaign. - We just heard about L3C companies today, and still need to do quite a bit of reading to understand the pros and cons.  L3C’s are low-profit limited liability corporations that function as businesses but on the platform of achieving social good.  What do you think about the rising trend of B-Corps and L3C’s?  Is it a legitimate model?  Realistic and sustainable? Communications Olio - Roy Greenslade of the Guardian discovered at a recent lecture to journalism students that few of the future newsmen/women actually read newspapers.  If that’s not evidence that the face of media and news has shifted hard and fast, we’re not sure what is. Our Community - This week, the City of Houston and Urban Harvest launched the City Hall Farmers Market to resounding success.  Fresh, organic veggies were plentiful, and locally sourced restaurants served up samples of seriously yummy treats. It’s wonderful to see Houstonians outside, enjoying healthy, local foods…this is a trend we can get behind! - Houston Habitat for Humanity has launched a blog to chronicle their builds, celebrate partner families and thank volunteers and sponsors. Check out the first few posts…it has been a great fall for Houston Habitat!

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