Looking for a fun new workplace activity? Do some good., 09.26.2013

We’re busy, and so are you. We know it’s important to give back to our communities. We look admiringly at those people we know who are phenomenally involved; they seem to do it all – serve on nonprofit boards, chair fundraising events, volunteer at the local food bank and use their social media accounts to spread the word about great organizations. Sometimes we’re jealous of those people. They’re probably also the same people who manage to work out four times a week and cook healthy meals at home. (You know the type.) We also want to work in a happy, healthy office environment. We want to feel fulfilled in our lives and in our jobs, and here’s the thing: the two can go hand-in-hand. Workplaces can kill two birds with one stone: according to the 2010 “Do Good, Live Well” study commissioned by United Healthcare, volunteering boosts both employee morale and health (by 92 and 96 percent, respectively).


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Breath of Fresh Air: Slothzilla and a Spice Garden, 02.07.2013

Plugging away at the office day after day can feel productive. You're getting things done, keeping your inbox under 20 and basking in client kudos. But we've all hit that wall - creatively, mentally or physically.

In January, we made a resolution at 20K Group: We're fighting back against walls, ruts and brain freezes. Every month, we're going on an adventure to explore Houston and find inspiration in all of our city's nooks and crannies. And we opened the Lightbulb Lounge to encourage 20Kers to get away from their desk and nestle into a comfy couch to ignite the creative spark.

Our first Fresh Air Field Trip took us just down Montrose Boulevard to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and just like any real vacation, we scrapbooked the whole thing for your enjoyment.

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Strength in Others, 08.12.2011

Social Media - Philanthropy.com weighs the pros and cons for nonprofits looking to dive into Google+  before mastering tried and true sites like Facebook and Twitter. Conclusion? It certainly can’t hurt to allocate a few minutes a day to Google+. Beth Kanter says, “If it turns out that it is something, you’ve planted some seeds and you have some presence on the network, and an understanding of how it works.” Go forth and explore! read more »

Strength in Others, 11.16.2010

Our Community - Our rebellious friends over at the Black Sheep Agency wrote a thoughtful and passionate blog post about Houston’s thriving creative scene.  When local corporations look to outsource their creative needs to cities perceived as more “forward-thinking,” they miss an opportunity to support the vibrant creative economy and extraordinary talent right here at home.  In my favorite blog post of 2010, the Black Sheep make the case for why Houston doesn’t “have a problem.” - Case in point?  We just found out about two regular and very cool spoken word events.  Grown Up Storytime crowdsources stories from their fans to be performed by their “rotating crack squad of highly skilled story readers.  And Word Around Town seeks to create “a worldwide platform to unify poets and their community,” but their website is all about local talent: Borders Poetry Reading Series on the second Tuesday of every month, open mic nights every Monday at Te House of Tea, and creative festivals and fairs galore.  Lovers of words unite! read more »