Good Impressions, 10.13.2011

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons User Forest & Kim Starr.

CSR - Paul Klein, contributing writer to Forbes’ CSR Blog, writes that “taking corporate social responsibility to the next level means having the conviction to stand for a social purpose, even if that means walking away from conventional business thinking.” Is your business ready to put social purpose ahead of your company’s monetary profits? It’s certainly a commitment that is not for the faint of heart. - The article Overfed, But Undernourished: Generation Y’s Hunger for CSR on LeapCR’s Good Business Blog addresses Gen Y’s desire to “make a meaningful impact in the community” as part of the organization in which they are involved. Victoria Williams, Researcher at Leap, encourages businesses to “involve [Gen Yers] in your social purpose to keep them engaged and dedicated.” Putting CSR discussions into action will give Gen Yers—and surely others—motivation for doing social good. read more »

Strength in Others, 09.23.2011

Communications Olio - Jazz up your reading materials with these 17 marketing blogs, courtesy of The Future Buzz's Adam Singer, that may not have the privilege of calling you a follower just yet.  Did you already know about some of these blogs?  Share your favorites with us in the comments section! - Harrison Kratz of Social Fresh shares some great pointers for setting up your own social good communications strategy. Kratz advises you to start from a core network of supporters who share your passion—friends, family, and acquaintances—and build out your campaign through targeted social outlets. The bullet that we find the most important is “own your identity.”  Define your cause through a carefully crafted mission for your initiative to be fully understood from the top down.  The manner in which you distribute this information depends on your online communication culture.  With clear goals and a united front, more will follow! read more »

Strength in Others, 09.16.2011

Corporate Social Responsibility - On the heels of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Deidre H. Campbell, head of financial communications for Burson-Marsteller and contributing writer to Forbes, reflects on the tough decade in her article America’s Reputation Is Every Company’s Responsibility. Campbell lists these three U.S. businesses as leaders in CSR: 1), 2) charity: water, and 3) Clinton Global Initiative. Campbell’s advice? “Your organization can’t save the entire world, but you can bring about substantial change if you get specific.” - The 2008 financial collapse forced all companies to identify cost-saving measures, including the funds allocated for corporate social responsibility efforts. In this article, writer Gordon Bajnai reminds companies to “be mindful of the wide circle of stakeholders in the community,” defining the ‘wide circle’ as “employees, the environment, and the state.” Can CSR help America avoid a double-dip recession? read more »