Good Impressions, 10.27.2011

CSR - Serial entrepreneur and former CEO of Tweezerman, Dal LaMagna, speaks to Scott James about “finally getting it right” using “responsible capitalism,” which LaMagna believes created happy employees, loyal customers, and satisfied vendors, not to mention capturing the community’s respect. - American companies that give back the most. Kroger was ranked number 1 by The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Forbes for “companies that are most generous in their cash donations as a percentage of pre-tax profits.”   read more »

Strength in Others, 12.22.2010

Our Community - Forbes recently publicized what most Houstonians already know—this city is a rockin’ place to live.  Coming in just behind Austin, Houston ranked #2 as the best city for young adults because of a low cost of living, low(er) unemployment rates, decent entry-level salaries, and a great arts and music scene. If it’s not clear already from this blog, we’re in 100% agreement—the city of Houston is amazing! Social Responsibility - A recent survey by Do Well Do Good showed that consumers rank social responsibility as an important priority for businesses. More than 88% of consumers believe that companies should try to improve the environment and society while also achieving business objectives. At the same time, most employees surveyed responded that they would seriously consider quitting if their company was harming the environment or committing social injustices. read more »

Strength in Others, 12.13.2010

Our Community - This Thursday (December 16), Houston’s social media mavens will be “tweeting up” for the first Houston Holiday Tweet Drive. The event is open to the public, as long as you bring a new toy or book for a child in need. Donations will benefit Neighborhood Centers Inc. The deets? Dec. 16 | Primer Grey HQ at 1305 Sterrett St. | 6-10 p.m. Social ResponsibilityDo CEOs care about energy efficiency? Emily Martin writes that there is, in fact, a dearth of C-level leaders coordinating closely with facilities managers to decrease energy spend. Following a panel session with executives, Martin says, "From an on-the-ground perspective, the panel emphasized the importance of tapping into employee enthusiasm. Frequently, corporate CSR programs start with grass-root employee efforts, leading executives to realize 'Hey, we have a sustainability program!'" read more »

Strength in Others, 10.15.2010

Issues Management - Similac, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, is earning kudos for their response to a recent formula recall.  Using e-communications, Similac was able to disseminate information quickly to concerned parents.  The company even highlighted alternative products until the issue was resolved.  A father interviewed for BulletProof Blog said that Similac had actually earned his loyalty and respect with their deft and responsible handling of the crisis. Corporate Social Responsibility - New York Times columnist Tom Friedman recently moderated a panel at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) called How to Strengthen Market Based Solutions.  One of the key takeaways was that profitability can, and arguably should, be defined with a sense of investment in the future—not just for the sake of making money in the near term.  Fadi Ghandour of Aramex summarized, “If the community is happy, the ROI will show on my company’s balance sheet, if not today, then down the line.” read more »

Strength in Others, 09.17.2010

Our Community - The City of Houston issued a challenge to building owners to green their offices and office buildings.  Participants in the challenge will learn about green building practices from some of Houston’s leading sustainability experts, with the goal of increasing the number of LEED certified buildings in the city.  Register online at Social Media - Advertisting Age wonders if the press release’s heyday has come and gone and if corporations will now rely on social media platforms, like Twitter, to communicate.  Simon Dumenco writes, “…BP dutifully issued press releases detailing its well-plugging and clean-up efforts, but it dropped the ball on Twitter, leaving an opening for the parodists of @BPGlobalPR to wreak havoc.” read more »

Strength in Others, 08.26.2010

Our Community - Courtenay recently had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at WordCamp Houston with Marc Cohen of AIDS Foundation Houston and Chris Valdez of Primer Grey. The team discussed the development of the Positive Outlook Blog for youth living with HIV and AIDS. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg even sat in on the session (hello, nerves!) and posted a photo to his blog! Social Media - From El Profe’s Blog, the five rules of marrying journalism and social media. Our favorite: Journalism first, technology second. read more »

Strength in Others, 06.10.2010

Our Community - AIDS Foundation Houston--an organization near and dear to our 20K hearts--just launched a new blog, Positive Outlook, to chronicle the thoughts of participants in Camp Hope and UniversalTeens. Follow along to gain insight into the lives of youth living with HIV and AIDS. Social Media - B2B engagement in social media is dramatically increasing, with firms expected to spend $4.8 billion on interactive marketing by 2014. Branded social network pages, PR outreach and social media monitoring are expected to be the primary platforms. - Controversy brewed this week over BP’s purchase of Google and Yahoo terms related to the oil spill. A strategic (and expected) PR and business move? Or a blatant attempt to skew information available to the public? Social Responsibility - We’re looking forward to the 2010 Net Impact Conference. It’ll be an opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds in sustainability and meet the people who are earning a living by doing good. - Entrepreneur magazine discusses how to highlight your company’s social responsibility. We just wish they’d discussed more about internalizing a culture of responsibility and sustainability, rather than just how to externally communicate CSR. Communications Olio - On the Media, a weekly NPR broadcast, examines the current media climate and threats to freedom of expression. - 100 of the best quotes on innovation. Our favorite: “I want to put a ding in the universe.” – Steve Jobs (and it’s not just because we love Macs) We don’t claim to know everything — or even have the time to attempt to sift through the vast catalogs of articles and blog posts. So, in the spirit of #SLGT (support local, grow together), we will stand on the shoulders of giants (hello, cliche) each week to pass along links that we find interest, useful or just plain fun. Leave us a comment with your recommendations for what we should be reading and who we should be following.