Strength in Others, 09.16.2011

Corporate Social Responsibility - On the heels of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Deidre H. Campbell, head of financial communications for Burson-Marsteller and contributing writer to Forbes, reflects on the tough decade in her article America’s Reputation Is Every Company’s Responsibility. Campbell lists these three U.S. businesses as leaders in CSR: 1), 2) charity: water, and 3) Clinton Global Initiative. Campbell’s advice? “Your organization can’t save the entire world, but you can bring about substantial change if you get specific.” - The 2008 financial collapse forced all companies to identify cost-saving measures, including the funds allocated for corporate social responsibility efforts. In this article, writer Gordon Bajnai reminds companies to “be mindful of the wide circle of stakeholders in the community,” defining the ‘wide circle’ as “employees, the environment, and the state.” Can CSR help America avoid a double-dip recession? read more »