Summer Camp, Adult-Style: Week Six, 07.15.2013

You may have heard that Beyoncé is performing in town this week. That’s all well and good if you planned ahead (like, months ago), but for those of you who may be a bit depressed about not snagging tickets to her show, fear not - we’ve come up with some alternative Bayou City entertainment options: FotoFest Discoveries: Monday, July 15 FotoFest   Do you love art, but have trouble finding the time to appreciate it? FotoFest will be holding “Really Short Tours” of their latest exhibit, FotoFest Discoveries, throughout the summer. Discoveries, which features 15 international contemporary artists, spans four Downtown Houston office buildings – a perfect way to spend a lunch (or an entire afternoon). The "Really Short Tours” are scheduled on July 18 (One Allen Center), Aug. 1 (Two Allen Center), Aug. 15 (Three Allen Center) and Aug. 29 and Sept. 5 (1600 Smith). The exhibition in its entirety will be on view through September 27. read more »

Good Impressions, 03.15.2012

Social Media -Pinterest’s first investor, Brian Cohen, explains how it all started and what it takes to create a successful start-up. -Heather Whaling shows how to incorporate new platforms in your PR pitches to get smarter and more effective campaigns.  Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, UStream can become useful tools to get a brand or product attract a large audience. -Measuring ROI for an online video is not an exact science. Read some easy steps and interesting case studies to find out how to turn your online video marketing into numbers. CSR -Forbes sees six reasons why companies should embrace CSR:  innovation, cost savings, brand differentiation, long-term thinking, customer loyalty and employee engagement. We’d add that it is also simply the right thing to do. Community -Houston’s FotoFest Biennial is one of the largest photography events in the world, and it’s kicking off Friday, March 16, at Vine Street Studios. With more than 110 participation locations, you won’t be able to help being swept up in the uniqueness of this incredible celebration of art and ideas. -According to a new report from Rice University, the Houston metropolitan area is now the most ethnically diverse large metropolitan area in the country. The article shows how the percentages of immigrants evolved from the 1990s to 2010. -How far would you go for a good cause? These brave Houstonians shaved their heads to raise funds for kids with cancer.