Deciding How To See, 07.11.2013

“My work is about space and the light that inhabits it. It is about how you confront that space and plumb it. It is about your seeing… As you plumb a space with vision, it is possible to ‘see yourself see.’ This seeing, this plumbing, imbues space with consciousness. By how you decide to see it and where you are in relation to it, you create its reality.” – James Turrell For this month’s 20K Field Trip, we visited James Turrell’s The Light Inside, his retrospective exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. With knowledge of Turrell’s work ranging from near-scholarly to novice, we dove headfirst into his universe.

The Light Inside

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Breath of Funky Fresh Air, 05.03.2013

This month’s field trip was hard work. As the hectic month wore on, we found ourselves postponing it again, and again… and again. But, we buckled down, completed our work to our exacting standards and allowed ourselves to get some fresh air. As usual, we were glad we did – this time, under Patrick’s direction. Our first stop on this month’s field trip was the famously quirky Beer Can House, located at 222 Malone Street. A monument to longtime owner John Milkovisch’s passion for beer, the shimmering house is a sight to see on sunny days. Once we got over the initial “wow” factor, the sheer magnitude and detail of the project set in. Fences, awnings and spaces where grass would ordinarily grow are all occupied by meticulously trimmed and arranged beer cans.  When Ripley’s Believe It Or Not visited the house, they estimated that about 50,000 beer cans adorn the structure. John’s wife, Mary, had this to say about her unusual residence: read more »

Breath of Fresh Air: Slothzilla and a Spice Garden, 02.07.2013

Plugging away at the office day after day can feel productive. You're getting things done, keeping your inbox under 20 and basking in client kudos. But we've all hit that wall - creatively, mentally or physically.

In January, we made a resolution at 20K Group: We're fighting back against walls, ruts and brain freezes. Every month, we're going on an adventure to explore Houston and find inspiration in all of our city's nooks and crannies. And we opened the Lightbulb Lounge to encourage 20Kers to get away from their desk and nestle into a comfy couch to ignite the creative spark.

Our first Fresh Air Field Trip took us just down Montrose Boulevard to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and just like any real vacation, we scrapbooked the whole thing for your enjoyment.

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Fresh Air Meta, 07.22.2011

NPR's Fresh Air just posted to their Tumblr the following: "James Franco just sold a $10,000 non-visible piece of artwork called 'Fresh Air.' Last year, James Franco was actually on a visible radio show, also called 'Fresh Air." And now I am posting Fresh Air's blog about Franco's "Fresh Air" on the 20K Group blog, which is also called Fresh Air. Meta, man. Totally meta.