Doing Good: The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston Talks Good Cents, 02.27.2014

We hope y’all will pardon the terrible pun in this post’s title, but we felt strongly about it. For this month’s nonprofit feature, we let the daughter of an accountant take the reigns. In keeping with that background, she picked a nonprofit that focuses on an issue that is oft-overlooked – financial literacy. The Greater Houston Women’s Foundation was established in 1990 by a group of professional women who were concerned that less than five percent of philanthropic dollars were dedicated to women and girls’ causes. The founders did not want Houston to follow this national trend, so they gathered like-minded women who contributed to build the foundation. They had three goals: To help women become economically self sufficient; encourage prevention and early intervention of problems affecting women and girls; and support programs that develop and improve life skills. In 2002, the organization’s name was changed to The Women’s Resource of Greater Houston. read more »