Good Impressions, 10.06.2011

Courtesy User D-Zyl

CSR - The 7-stage evolution of a socially responsible brand. Simon Mainwaring, contributing writer to Mashable and founder of social branding consultancy We First, writes that companies are beginning to “recognize the potential financial and reputational advantages they can gain by engaging with consumers around the shared ambition of building a better world.” Be sure to peruse Mainwaring’s seven stages to establish brand leadership. - A higher ambition for CSR: corporate social purpose. Forbes’ CSR Blog Contributor Paul Klein discusses a Harvard Business Review article by Nathan Foote, Russell Eisenstat, and Tobias Fredberg titled “The Higher Ambition Leader.” Specifically, Klein applauds the writers’ efforts to clarify the difference between CSR and corporate social purpose. Take a peek at the three-part approach to achieving “higher ambition” leadership success.   read more »

Strength in Others, 08.12.2011

Social Media - weighs the pros and cons for nonprofits looking to dive into Google+  before mastering tried and true sites like Facebook and Twitter. Conclusion? It certainly can’t hurt to allocate a few minutes a day to Google+. Beth Kanter says, “If it turns out that it is something, you’ve planted some seeds and you have some presence on the network, and an understanding of how it works.” Go forth and explore! read more »