Summer Camp, Adult-Style: Week Three, 06.24.2013

Suffering from the post-weekend blues? Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up another batch of events to look forward to this week.

Third Annual Houston Web Awards: Thursday, June 27 Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 11.32.57 AM Houston Press hosts the 3rd annual Houston Web Awards on Thursday, June 27 from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Local individuals, organizations and businesses will be honored for outstanding online and social efforts. Followers, fans and social media enthusiasts are welcome. read more »

A 20K Confessional, 06.21.2013

Straight from the intern's mouth to your computer screen: our intern, Gemrick, tells all. Show him some love in the comments!

Y’all aren’t from around here, are you?, 05.24.2013

You’ve probably heard that Houston was selected to host Super Bowl LI in 2017. And you’ve probably noticed that Houston is racking up the national accolades this year, including features in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. The convergence of a booming city on the cusp of “cooldom” and one of the world’s most popular sporting events is bound to bring in more visitors to Houston than we may have ever had. Here’s what we think they should know about the Bayou City: Houston Skyline read more »

It’s National Volunteer Week! How are you going to give back?, 04.25.2013

According to the 2012 Census, about a quarter of Americans volunteer, and those individuals spent a median of 50 hours in selfless service each year. In addition to helping their communities, those that volunteer tend to be healthier and happier than their peers. National Volunteer Week, established in 1974 to celebrate volunteerism of all kinds, is a great time to recognize those around you who donate their time to the community and get involved yourself.


Volunteering: good for others, good for you.

At 20K, we try to give back as often as we can. Our founder and vice president have been lifelong advocates for both local and global communities. Some of the Houston-based organizations they’ve donated their time to are: read more »

20K Group’s Going Out Guide, 04.19.2013


Recently, one of our clients asked us to create a "Nightlife Guide to Houston" for visitors to an international conference. Narrowing down our favorite hot spots wasn't an easy task, but that's a good thing -- it's testament to our city's nearly endless entertainment options. We kept our recommendations to Downtown, Montrose and Midtown for easy access from the George R. Brown Convention Center, but we know there are a ton of other great bars for out-of-towners. Where would you take guests to show them that Houston is the coolest city in America? read more »

Breath of Fresh Air: Lost and Found in Houston, 03.10.2013

Last month, we told you that we're making it a priority in 2013 to get out of the office and seek inspiration around the city. We'll be taking turns planning these field trips, so we could end up anywhere from a mountain bike trail (Patrick) to a punk rock show (Amy), but we're certain there will be curious wonders found lurking in Houston's nooks and crannies. For our March adventure, Courtenay thought our Houston newbies should learn some local and cultural history at Project Row Houses, a nonprofit arts organization established by African-American artists and community activists in the city's Third Ward. Alas, Courtenay did not pay attention to the difference between office hours and exhibition hours. (For the record, exhibition hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 12-5 p.m.). But we're a PR agency. We're used to figuring out bigger and better solutions on the fly, and we like adventure. A quick Google search later, we found ourselves at the fabled The Flower Man House. For decades, Cleveland Turner has turned his Third Ward home (2305 Francis St.) into a carefully-arranged milieu of found junk. This folk art explosion feels like a secret discovery, as if only true Houston explorers (and neighbors, of course) know of its existence - and that may, in fact, be true.


read more »

Breath of Fresh Air: Slothzilla and a Spice Garden, 02.07.2013

Plugging away at the office day after day can feel productive. You're getting things done, keeping your inbox under 20 and basking in client kudos. But we've all hit that wall - creatively, mentally or physically.

In January, we made a resolution at 20K Group: We're fighting back against walls, ruts and brain freezes. Every month, we're going on an adventure to explore Houston and find inspiration in all of our city's nooks and crannies. And we opened the Lightbulb Lounge to encourage 20Kers to get away from their desk and nestle into a comfy couch to ignite the creative spark.

Our first Fresh Air Field Trip took us just down Montrose Boulevard to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and just like any real vacation, we scrapbooked the whole thing for your enjoyment.

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Strength in Others, 12.22.2010

Our Community - Forbes recently publicized what most Houstonians already know—this city is a rockin’ place to live.  Coming in just behind Austin, Houston ranked #2 as the best city for young adults because of a low cost of living, low(er) unemployment rates, decent entry-level salaries, and a great arts and music scene. If it’s not clear already from this blog, we’re in 100% agreement—the city of Houston is amazing! Social Responsibility - A recent survey by Do Well Do Good showed that consumers rank social responsibility as an important priority for businesses. More than 88% of consumers believe that companies should try to improve the environment and society while also achieving business objectives. At the same time, most employees surveyed responded that they would seriously consider quitting if their company was harming the environment or committing social injustices. read more »

Strength in Others, 09.29.2010

Our Community - Houston’s art scene has long been under-appreciated at the national level, despite the extraordinary breadth of local creative talent and world-class museums.  Aurora Picture Show is one of the local arts groups storming through barriers and helping to put Houston on the art map. Social Media - Still doubt the power of social media? Blogging is, in effect, changing Chinese culture—from politics to communication styles.  As Chinese society becomes more open, it will be fascinating to watch the role social media plays in the transition. read more »