Houston PR Agency Seeks World’s Best Intern, 08.13.2012

About Us We're a strategic communications agency with a ten-year history of kicking PR butt and taking names. We have a penchant for doing good and love working with passionate people. We're the kind of agency who will put on work boots to prep for an event and then dress to the nines in the evening -- and we'll be sure that the media is there to capture it all. But it's not all glamorous. Most of our work isn't glamorous. Our clients hire us for our brains. We help them think about communications strategically, define their objectives and then blast their messages out to target audiences. About You College or graduate school student. Curious and brainy with a creative flair. Knowledge of business basics, public relations and online brand building. A "New York Times" reader and "Mashable" freak. Able to commit to 15-20 hours per week and have reliable transportation. Eager to learn and grow, even when the task is mundane. Permissive of a 10-pound colleague who likes to give kisses. (You don't actually have to let her kiss you, but you should probably be OK with dogs). Independent enough to Google when you can and mature enough to ask for help when it is necessary. Get an adrenaline rush when you're on a writing roll. read more »

Stuck in the Weeds, 07.17.2011

The 20K in 20K Group refers to the proverbial 20,000 foot level in business-speak. Our strength is lifting our clients out of the day-to-day minutiae to a place where the big picture of their brand is bright, clear and meaningful. But as an agency, we too often put our own marketing and communications strategy on the back burner to tend to the clients' needs, and we do so gladly. Though our client roster is robust, we're recognizing that we need to amplify our brand as one of the best--and only--strategic communications firms in Houston. read more »