#IS13 – Mobile Killed the Analog Star, 10.04.2013

This year’s Houston Interactive Marketing Association Interactive Strategies Conference was all about screens. iPad screens. Computer screens. Phone screens. And even the old-school favorite, television screens. Many speakers stressed the importance of optimizing content for mobile devices, with Blue Sky Marketing’s Michelle LeBlanc going so far as to say, “If you're not mobile friendly, your customers will leave you without a second thought." Yikes.

If you’re not here, that’s a problem.

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Understanding Other People Through Social Media, 10.29.2012

I attended the HiMA 2012 Interactive Strategies Psych! Conference a few weeks ago, which focused on human psychology and how to it relates to communication. The session that really stood out to me was Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Persuasion by "The Confidence Coach" Beverly Flaxington. Just as the title indicates, the talk focused on how to understand other people and how to use that information to influence. For me though, the secrets really boiled down to one point: you must listen and understand your audience and their behavior to effectively communicate and inspire action. read more »

The Online Rep Rap, 08.12.2012

Managing online reputation was the topic du jour at the August 2012 Houston Interactive Marketing Association's luncheon. Joining me on the panel were James Hering of Click Here, Inc. and Seliece Womble of the Houston Golf Association. Tweet-by-tweet commentary captures the big takeaways below. read more »