Intern Insider, 07.19.2013

Summer has flown by since I joined 20K Group as an intern, and my experience here has been nothing short of astounding. Everyday I look forward to working, and there are always new challenges and different tasks to accomplish. One thing that has always stuck with me during my time here is what Courtenay, 20K’s vice president, said on my first day: "We like to think of ourselves as a strategic communications agency with a conscience. There isn't any fluff." There's truth in saying that there's never a typical day in public relations. One day, I'm doing research on “Small Town, Texas,” and the next, I'm filming and editing a video for our blog or creating a media list from scratch. There's variety working in PR, and that's something I will always appreciate about my chosen field. The secrets to getting that awesome internship aren't really secrets. Let's just say it's knowledge often overlooked. First and foremost, dress to impress. The dress code could be business casual, but you should dress as if you were presenting to a client. looking good read more »