Managing Your PR Agency (from a pet owner’s perspective), 07.20.2011

1. Feed them. House-train them What that means:  You pay your PR agency to do what you don’t have the time and/or resources to do. They are an extension of your department, so install an open door. Brief them regularly on company results, messages, strategy. Trust them. But also educate them about your corporate culture so that you’re not setting them (and you) up for a misstep should they fail to understand how your company works, what you focus is on. 2. Keep them on a leash. Well, figuratively speaking. That means, communicate. Regular communications will enhance your agency’s ability to spend their hours working on exactly what you want them to. Calendar regular conference calls and meetings and stick to the scheduled times. Be respectful of the fact that your agency has other clients (even though a classy agency won’t remind you of that), so they struggle to manage the hours in the day. 3. Buy the best breed you can afford. read more »