Your Secret Is Safe. Or is it?, 12.07.2011

Today, one of my colleagues was about to email a document to a client that she had saved with “Confidential” in the file name.  It generated a short discussion about how easy it is to breach confidentiality in business relationships, most innocently.  So here’s our list of just a few ways we all break our oath to honor absolute secrecy virtually every day: 1)    “Reply all.” The worst, most troublesome button within our email clients. How many ti mes have you intended to reply to the sender only and shot that flip comment out to all 12 recipients? Just as an Enron West Coast trader…. 2)    Type “Confidential” in the subject line.  Really?  How much do you want me to hack that email?  Like, a LOT? 3)    Leave sensitive documents open on your monitor and go to lunch, or worse yet, leave for the day. read more »