Bigger Isn’t Always Better, 01.23.2014

Your cable is out – again. After being on hold for what seems like hours, you explain to the customer service representative on the other line that, yes, you’ve tried resetting the box, and, no, it didn’t work. The next day, you wait around your apartment for hours, and the technician STILL doesn’t make it during your appointment window, citing a flat tire. However, the next day, the CEO of the cable company calls you to personally apologize for your long wait time: "But, I can vouch for Joe – he really did have a flat tire." Obviously, the CEO of a large cable corporation probably doesn't have the time to make personalized follow-up calls. But wouldn't it be swell if he did? There are great things about working for a bigger company. But today, we’re taking a moment to reflect on what we love about working for a small one. Untitled3