Fresh Look: Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand, 05.07.2013


My wonderful team has been burning a lot of midnight oil refreshing our 20K Group brand. “Fresh Air” is a more than a tagline for us. It’s become emblematic of how we like to breathe life into our work, our clients’ brands, and even our own lives. We’ve learned it’s easy for that air to stagnate—hence, our “rebrand.” We do this kind of thing for a living, so you’d think it would have been pretty easy for us. Boy, were we wrong. It’s a huge challenge agreeing on colors, a look, a feel and a tone that we believe represents where we’ve been, the culture we are today and the kind of firm we hope to be in the future. We don’t intend to change our mark every couple of years, so this rebrand needs to be modern enough to reflect current times, but also timeless to give the investment longevity. So, we started, I think, with the way our team have been engaging in conversations online, especially via Twitter and Facebook. It’s alive, lively and connected with the community we care about. Second, we approached Evan O’Neil—a talented thinker, ponderer, intellectual and really, really good designer. He got into our heads and figured out how we visualized fresh air and the lightness of clear messaging. Thank you, Evan. It was no easy task, and we know it. Then, Courtenay, Amy, Patrick and I set about choosing the words, order and tone that we think represents who 20K Group is today. It’s not by accident that our new website is very clean, very simple. We work very hard at helping our clients sift through mountains of information, research and dialogue to agree on simple, memorable messages about their organizations. I’m ecstatic to say that one of our colleagues really nailed it when she came into the office one day and said she had introduced herself at a breakfast as: “My name is Courtenay Siegfried. I work at 20K Group. We help our clients be better known and better understood.” Ta Da. Welcome to the refreshed 20K Group. - Debbie Fiorito President and Founder