Good Impressions, 03.01.2012

CSRA new type of ad is being put to the test in London. The Plan UK outdoor ad uses facial recognition software to scan passersby and determine their gender. Women are allowed to view the full 40-second video, while men only get to see Plan’s web address. The goal is to give men a sense of what it’s like to have their basic choices taken away. The ad campaign hopes to raise funds so that girls can get proper education in developing countries. Social Media - Pinterest has taken the web by storm, and retailers are targeting their customers based on user demographics.  Research indicates that the average user spends more time on Pinterest than on Facebook. On a self-promotional note,  tune into 20K Group’s Pinterest boards for inspiration on design, community and weird and whimsical finds. - Robin Wilding lists 5 common blog mistakes, along with 5 simple fixes. Remember the tools and keep posting, and your business can gain a competitive edge. - Jon Barocas, founder and CEO of bieMEDIA, claims that we will soon face the demise of another social media tool: QR codes. Used by only 5% of Americans, their reign appears to be short lived. Crisis Communication - An article on Presenting Yourself tells a simple story of how a minor incident can cause serious damage to a company’s reputation.  It discusses four major factors that lead to a situation going out of control: fear, culture, ignorance and lack of training. Community - Tonight, supermodel Christy Turlington will be in Houston for an event supporting Texas Children’s Hospital in association with the non-profit organization that she founded, Every Mother Counts. Turlington is a longtime advocate for mother and child health and has been a dedicated advocate with Care International. - Mark Rothko is well-known in Houston, primarily because of his stunning works that hang in the Menil. On March 2, Houstonians will get to know the artist on a more intimate level when the biographical play, RED, opens at the Alley Theatre.