Summer Camp, Adult-Style: Week One, 06.11.2013

Remember how excited you used to get at the start of the summer? School was out, the weather was perfect and the world was your oyster. And then, after a week or two of euphoria, the novelty wore off and the whining began. “I’m booooooooored. There’s nothing to dooooooooo. AND IT’S SOOOOOO HOT.” Even though most of us no longer get a summer vacation, there’s still no need for the summertime blues. We’ve decided to take the work out of play and compile a weekly list of upcoming events to help you stay busy (and maybe even learn a thing or two) this summer. Think of it as the adult version of summer camp! St. Arnold’s Fall Season All Team Fundraiser: Wednesday, June 12 The Houston-area Team In Training participants invite you to join them on Wednesday, June 12th at Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Enjoy a variety of beers and ales all night, bid in a silent auction and, most importantly, support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in the fight against blood cancers. SMBHou: Online Influencer Marketing: Matching Brands and Influencers: Friday, June 14 NFL Gerome Sapp read more »