Everyday is April Fool’s Day, 04.04.2013

Are the memories of the tricks and tomfoolery of April Fool's Day still fresh in your mind? All sorts of juicy tidbits, "facts" and stories filled your newsfeed. You wanted to believe and tell your friends and followers, but you knew most of what you saw were probably just April Fool's jokes. It was a day to be on the lookout for pranks and skeptical of information. In today's world of expedited sharing, that's the way you need to feel every day. The internet moves at warp speed. Users are creating and digesting an astounding amount of information, and social media has made sharing that information faster and easier than ever before. So how fast has it become? Twitter users are sending over 100,000 tweets every minute!

CNN Obamacare Mistake

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Macklemore’s Lessons for Communicators, 03.28.2013

Recently, Seattle-based hip-hop artist Macklemore sat down with Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick to speak about his dramatic entrance into the national music scene, the pursuit of happiness and branding. You read that right. Macklemore knows how to score a leopard mink at a "Thrift Shop" and how to promote the heck out of his product - himself.


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Speak up! On social media, silence is rarely golden., 02.28.2013

In the constant struggle for influence, many brands dream of having their time in the social media spotlight. Two weeks ago, Poland Spring missed a golden opportunity to capitalize on a fortuitous situation with their decision to ignore a place where millions of conversations happen every day. Following President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s sip from a tiny bottle of Poland Spring water turned his Republican rebuttal into an immediate viral storm. The sip seen around the world quickly sparked a #watergate hashtag, a Lil’ John remix and innumerable GIFs. It got our PR brains churning: How was Poland Spring going to respond to one of the greatest spontaneous self-promotion opportunities of all time? read more »

Go Texan for Chesney, 02.22.2013

20K Goes Texan Cowboys and Cowgirls, We’re proud of our local roots, and there’s no bigger and better celebration of our hometown than the world famous Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! Twinkie-the-Kid-smallIt's almost time for mutton bustin’, fried Twinkies (Uh oh! Will there be fried Hostess treats this year?!) and enough bedazzled denim outfits to fill Reliant Stadium to the brim. In fact, we’re shaking-in-our-boots-excited for three weeks of bull riding, calf scrambling, smoking meat and dancing to some of music’s best, and we want to help you experience it, too. We’re giving away two tickets to see Kenny Chesney and all the other sights and sounds of the rodeo on March 12. For a chance to win them, you just have to “Go Texan!” Here's how it works: read more »

Spring 2013 Syllabus: 4 Tips for Universities to Shine on Facebook, 01.10.2013

Universities have the capacity to be Facebook juggernauts. They are in close contact with many of their stakeholders for years at a time (i.e. prospective students, current students and alumni), many of whom have built a substantial part of their network through association with school. Universities have enormous databases with a wealth of information about their stakeholders and, very often, have the sort of passionate, loyal advocates that major brands can only dream about. In reality, most universities seem to be failing social media class with just a fraction of the Facebook following that they could have. They may think just having a presence is enough, or "if we build it, they will come," and that may be good enough to pass, but it won’t get their Facebook page to the honor roll. So, take out your notebook; it’s time to study up on our top four tips for building university Facebook communities that earn a 4.0. read more »

Understanding Other People Through Social Media, 10.29.2012

I attended the HiMA 2012 Interactive Strategies Psych! Conference a few weeks ago, which focused on human psychology and how to it relates to communication. The session that really stood out to me was Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Persuasion by "The Confidence Coach" Beverly Flaxington. Just as the title indicates, the talk focused on how to understand other people and how to use that information to influence. For me though, the secrets really boiled down to one point: you must listen and understand your audience and their behavior to effectively communicate and inspire action. read more »

I’m Patrick Boylan, Nice to Meet You!, 06.25.2012

Hi, I'm Patrick Boylan, 20K Group's newest hire and the Director of Interactive Strategies. I'm here to bolster our digital communications capabilities and complement our existing offerings. The lines between online and offline continue to blur, and comprehensive communications strategies are crucial to achieving organizations’ financial and mission-related objectives. I come to 20K Group from the David All Group, a D.C.-based digital agency specializing in engaging, empowering, and activating brand advocates online. I spent three years there developing and executing marketing and advocacy campaigns for major brands. When I'm not at the office, I like spending time in the outdoors and following sports. As a VA/DC transplant in Houston, I maintain my loyalties to the Nationals, Capitals, and Redskins. One day, after the Nationals win the World Series, I will be able to say that I was a fan when the “Nats” bandwagon could have fit in a Fiat. As a proud Clemson alumnus, I bleed orange and white. Groomed from a very young age, I have been a super fan my entire life. Many fall Saturdays you will find me with 90,000 of my closest friends in Death Valley cheering on the Tigers. When I’m not watching my favorite teams, I’m usually in the outdoors. The Blue Ridge Mountains are far behind me now, and I'm on the lookout for new Texas terrain to conquer. I plan to explore the Gulf Coast, Hill Country, west Texas, prairies, pinewoods and Big Bend country. If you have a must-try outdoor experience in the region, please point me in that direction! 20K Group is an amazing team of smart, savvy communicators, and I am honored to be a part of it. I look forward to accomplishing great things together! If you'd like to find out more about me, connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Stuck in the Weeds, 07.17.2011

The 20K in 20K Group refers to the proverbial 20,000 foot level in business-speak. Our strength is lifting our clients out of the day-to-day minutiae to a place where the big picture of their brand is bright, clear and meaningful. But as an agency, we too often put our own marketing and communications strategy on the back burner to tend to the clients' needs, and we do so gladly. Though our client roster is robust, we're recognizing that we need to amplify our brand as one of the best--and only--strategic communications firms in Houston. read more »