Stressed at work? Free your mind, and the rest will follow., 03.13.2014

When you’re living on an island of saturated inboxes and endless to-do lists, slipping into the chronic madness of office life can happen all too quickly. However, let us remind you that rest is important. And we’re not talking about a cozy hammock and your fluffiest pillow — we’re talking about the spiritual and emotional rest one achieves through mindfulness. All the sleep-in Saturdays between now and the end of time could never fully rejuvenate you from the long weeknights and constant decision-making required by a demanding job. According to the National Institute of Health at the University of Massachusetts, exercising mindfulness in the workplace helps improve brain activity and concentration amongst employees. It enhances our ability to envision options and open ourselves to new perspectives, which makes us better collaborators. Untitled read more »