Branded for Life, 09.19.2013

To most people in Texas, September means one thing: football season.  Football fans proudly sport their team’s jerseys and hang flags from their windows. Fans develop deep-rooted love for their team and an intense hatred for rivals. When you hear about “brand ambassadors,” there are probably no better examples than in the sports arena. Football teams can teach us a lot about brand loyalty and separating your product from the competitors on the field and in our hearts. While it has been proven that colors can produce certain emotions, it is unlikely you will see two people get into a heated debate over which is the best color in the spectrum. When asked your favorite color, you probably consider the question for a few seconds and then give a couple of different options.  However, show OU’s crimson and cream to any football fan sporting burnt orange and white, and tempers will flare. Colors that would not usually be put together in any kind of fashionable way suddenly represent something much bigger than the colors themselves.

Red River Rivalry

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