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Courtesy Wikimedia Commons User Forest & Kim Starr.

CSR - Paul Klein, contributing writer to Forbes’ CSR Blog, writes that “taking corporate social responsibility to the next level means having the conviction to stand for a social purpose, even if that means walking away from conventional business thinking.” Is your business ready to put social purpose ahead of your company’s monetary profits? It’s certainly a commitment that is not for the faint of heart. - The article Overfed, But Undernourished: Generation Y’s Hunger for CSR on LeapCR’s Good Business Blog addresses Gen Y’s desire to “make a meaningful impact in the community” as part of the organization in which they are involved. Victoria Williams, Researcher at Leap, encourages businesses to “involve [Gen Yers] in your social purpose to keep them engaged and dedicated.” Putting CSR discussions into action will give Gen Yers—and surely others—motivation for doing social good. Social Media - Facebook has launched their app for iPad. Overall, Gizmodo gives the new app a positive review, with special marks awarded to reading, viewing, listening, and liking. - Looking for ways to measure your social media return of interest? Dag Holmboe of Social Media Examiner dives into the topic, noting that “as social media initiatives become mainstream, executives are holding them to the same accountability as other business initiatives.” Crisis Communications - Does your crisis communications plan have you covered? A survey conducted by Eisner Amper found that 69% of directors “say risks to their organization’s reputations worry them the most.”  Having a crisis communications plan laid out is a must; please dedicate time to creating your safe measures, if you haven’t already. - If you are in the process of creating a crisis communications plan, lean on advice from Mandy Brown’s article Fire Drills: Communications Strategy in a Crisis. A Communications Director at Typekit, Brown provides these insightful directions to help you map out your strategy: 1) Imagine the worst; 2) Assign roles; 3) Define a protocol; 4) Communicate appropriately; 5) Review and revise; and 6) Relax.    

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