Strength in Others


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Social Media - Is there a world where social media marketers can directly engage with consumers, and where users happily accept brand presence? Simon Esler, contributing writer to Social Media Explorer and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ConvoNation, discusses this concept in his article “The Consumer Versus Brand Conflict in Social Media.” - By now you’ve probably heard about and/or experienced Facebook’s “frictionless sharing,” where users can approve a media partner app and their music, articles, or videos—depending on which app you install—are automatically uploaded to their timeline for all to see. How do you feel about sharing your activity? Do you consider some media sources more private than others? Communications Olio - Why email may be draining your company’s productivity.  In this blog post from Both Sides of the Table, Mark Suster tells you it’s okay to give email the boot sometimes to ensure that you are establishing your own priorities and meeting your company's needs. Whether that means shutting off access to your email at certain points of the day or adjusting your read/respond ratio is a personal preference, but we do agree that an occasional break can be useful in increasing creative productivity. - Administrators with Google Analytics accounts will now have access to real-time reports. Writes Mashable’s Todd Wasserman, “[f]or users trying to gauge how a campaign or post is performing, Real-Time will track the immediate impact to site traffic.” Corporate Social Responsibility - Is There a CSO in Your Company’s Future? Corporate environmental executives are becoming more prominent in businesses, but there’s still not a clear-cut path for their mode of succession and to which departments they report. While it’s a confusing world, this article is comforting in the fact that businesses are taking CSR seriously. - Last week, we encouraged anyone who wanted to share their comments about CSR to participate in Tales from the Hood’s first Aid Blog Forum. Twenty-six people participated; click here to review posts from across the spectrum. In particular, be sure to check out Bonnie Koenig’s insightful response.  

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