Strength in Others

Communications - Developing a PR and media campaign can be challenging—how far in advance should you promote a new product or service? Todd Brabender, President of Spread The News Public Relations, Inc., offers some insight for mapping out a timeline for your campaign, ranging from data-sensitive (1-2 months) to evergreen and regenerative (9+ months). - Hulu is now being offered in Japan as part of the company’s first international expansion. We’re excited to see where this leads, especially since Hulu intends to bring “Japanese-produced content to the service…as well as content from across the Asian region.” Wonder where the next big stop for Hulu will be? Social Media - If your business is in the service industry and maintains a Facebook page, Bryan Person of Social Fresh stresses the importance of setting expectations for customer service issues. Person believes “[C]ustomers will go there to complain or raise some type of issue. It’s simply not realistic to expect otherwise.” Read Person’s tips to be prepared and handle customer service issues with ease. - What is social media’s great dividing gulf? According to Social Media Today writer Jillian Ney, it’s accessibility, and not everyone speaks the language yet. Adding to the complication of technological jargon is the inherent desire for instant gratification. Ney maintains that providing easy definitions, reasonable expectations, and benefits including (but not limited) to monetary compensation. Corporate Social Responsibility - We can only hope that more businesses continue to embrace the socially responsible mindset outlined in The CSR Blog’s Behind Every Responsible Company . . . Is a P.R. Agency: “CSR does not have to be an afterthought, an expense, an outsourced campaign, but should be integrated with both internal change and external communications.” - Is there proof that CSR positively affects a company’s value? According to CSRwire Talkback’s Elaine Cohen, the answer unfortunately is no, due in large part to the number of variables affecting stock prices and the inability to single out specific CSR effects. However, Cohen maintains that “CSR stocks deliver higher financial value than ‘conventional’ stocks.” Where is the ethical line drawn between a company’s duty to produce cash flow and a need to be socially responsible? We hope to see more examples of companies who have learned that these two facets can exist side-by-side. Crisis Management - Crisis management lessons from Hurricane Irene. Is your company prepared to weather a crisis? Jeffrey Meyers explains how to stay afloat in a business disaster: 1) Confident and decisive leadership; 2) Identify employees who thrive on the front line; 3) Maintain a steady flow of information; and 4) Learn from your experiences. - When a social media crisis erupts, it spreads like wildfire. However, according to PR Daily, a recent study from Altimeter Group found that “[c]ompanies are quick to deploy the latest social media technology, yet most companies are not prepared for the threat of social media crises.” Remember to always define a safety plan should information ever find itself on the wrong side of your brand, especially when using tools designed to disseminate information quickly.      

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