Strength in Others

We don’t claim to know everything — or even have the time to attempt to sift through the vast catalogs of articles and blog posts. So, in the spirit of #SLGT (support local, grow together), we will stand on the shoulders of giants (hello, cliche) each week to pass along the week’s most useful, interesting or just plain fun posts culled from others’ recommendations, as well as our own trawling. Leave us a comment to recommend something we should be reading or someone we must be following. Our Community Great new website with all the must-do's in Houston. The problem is picking just one concert or gallery opening for a night on the town. Social Media This Gizmodo article was spurred by recent outrage at Facebook's privacy record and offers a compelling case for quitting the social networking site. I know we're perverse, but we're enjoying how far behind the legal establishment is in getting its arms around user-generated content and future implications for intellectual property. An interesting mind-bender is this look at potential copyright issues and the "re-tweet." This post at "Social Media Today," captures a lot of what we believe about a social networking strategy and business--it's all about the culture, willingness to be transparent and messaging, messaging, messaging. Communications Olio Inc. takes a look at why your TPS reports are so yawn-inducing. (Office Space reference, if you didn't catch that).

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