Strength in Others

Our Community - The City of Houston issued a challenge to building owners to green their offices and office buildings.  Participants in the challenge will learn about green building practices from some of Houston’s leading sustainability experts, with the goal of increasing the number of LEED certified buildings in the city.  Register online at Social Media - Advertisting Age wonders if the press release’s heyday has come and gone and if corporations will now rely on social media platforms, like Twitter, to communicate.  Simon Dumenco writes, “…BP dutifully issued press releases detailing its well-plugging and clean-up efforts, but it dropped the ball on Twitter, leaving an opening for the parodists of @BPGlobalPR to wreak havoc.” - Sponsoring bloggers has become a controversial but (debatably) effective marketing trend.  Women’s Wear Daily mentions retail outlets, like Barneys New York, Gap and Coach, but the concept truly gained traction in 2008 with HP’s infamous “31 Days of the Dragon” campaign. - Earlier this month, journalist Adam Penenberg made news for breaking a major story on Twitter about a $131 million verdict against Ford for an accident.  No media outlets reported the decision, so Penenberg reported the verdict through 50 tweets in two hours and the story was soon picked up in major news media. - This week’s The New Yorker has a lengthy profile of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, in anticipation of the October 1 release of “The Social Network.”  If you’re deep into social media, there’s probably nothing new in this story, but it’s still a fascinating tale of ego, innovation, shrewdness and luck.  I wonder what poor Tom from My Space thinks? Social Responsibility - If a company produces unhealthy or socially harmful products, can you trust them to be good stewards of the community in other ways?  Forbes’ The CSR Blog examines McDonald’s CSR evolution. Communications Olio - CNN and the Associated Press are in a bit of a public tiff, after CNN cancelled their longstanding contract with AP’s newswire.  CNN has started their own service, CNN Wire, but AP claims that the network continues to use their original reporting without paying or giving credit.  Can’t wait to see how this shakes down! - Wired’s  recent cover story on the death of the Web and rise of applications is an interesting look into the future of how we get our information…and thus, how as communications professionals, how we approach our messaging and tools for disseminating those messages. We don’t claim to know everything — or even have the time to attempt to sift through the vast catalogs of articles and blog posts. So, in the spirit of #SLGT (support local, grow together), we will stand on the shoulders of giants (hello, cliche) each week to pass along links that we find interest, useful or just plain fun. Leave us a comment with your recommendations for what we should be reading and who we should be following.

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